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More Women Needed

The United Nations says that women need to make up at least 30 per cent of decision-making bodies, like municipal councils, before they can affect change. This will encourage more women to voice their opinions on issues of importance to them.

Nova Scotia lags behind other provinces in terms of women’s participation in municipal government. Although 52 per cent of the population is female, women (as of the October 2008 municipal election), comprise only:

  • 21 per cent of municipal councillors
  • 4 per cent of mayors and wardens
  • 22 per cent of chief administrative officers

Women’s lives are different from those of men. They offer different and valuable perspectives when making decisions that affect entire communities.

Women offer valuable talent and experience providing benefits to many types of volunteer organizations and businesses. They hold a wealth of knowledge about their municipality that is often overlooked. Increasing the number and diversity of women who make municipal decisions will ensure the needs of women and men of all backgrounds and abilities are met. Municipal governments need that talent and knowledge.

Why is it important that more women become involved in municipal government?

Increasing women’s participation in municipal government will:

  • help ensure that municipal governments reflect the populations they serve
  • increase the range of people who make decisions and who have input into decision making
  • promote democracy by ensuring women’s perspectives are counted
  • increase the talent pool available to municipalities.