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Join a Board or Committee

Municipal councils need interested and knowledgeable citizens to participate on boards and committees.

Committees and boards play a vital role in making decisions for the community by providing input and ideas to municipal council. Their decisions affect our everyday lives in ways most of us don't realize.

When we turn on our taps, the water has been tested and made safe by municipal water technicians. When we walk through a park or play soccer on a public field, we are using lands managed by a municipal recreation committee. A planning advisory committee recommended the development of a new subdivision in your municipality.

There are many different boards and committees to choose from. Take a look at your skills and interests and decide where you would be a good fit. Are you a person with a disability? Your participation on a transportation or community planning board can help make sure new businesses are wheelchair accessible. Has your family lived in your community for generations? Join a heritage committee and share your ideas and photographs.

The municipal clerk in your community can tell you what committees exist, how often and when they meet, and how to apply.