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Bursary Program

The Women in Local Government Bursary Program began in 2008 as a way to provide financial assistance to women employed in municipal government who wish to pursue further training and educational opportunities. The bursary provides enhanced career opportunities for women employed in the municipal sector and assists municipalities with succession planning. Since its inception, the program has awarded bursaries to 23 recipients from 15 municipalities totaling approximately $53,000.

Bursary Program funding was made possible through generous contributions from the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities, Association of Municipal Administrators, Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations, and 32 of 54 municipalities.

The objectives of the Bursary Program are to:

  • Assist women in municipal government to pursue education and training to enhance career opportunities
  • Encourage women to enter non-traditional municipal fields
  • Assist individual municipalities with succession planning while addressing specific labour shortages
  • Build capacity in the municipal labour force across the province.

For more information on the bursary program or to apply, visit Women in Local Government Bursary .